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Roneda PCB Design consultancy has extensive experience on the complete PCB design process.

High-speed/ high-density digital, Analog and RF Printed Circuit Board design for medium and high volume production. Interfacing with different tools and process steps.

Using layout strategies which divide the layout in different phases to secure Signal Integrity analyses cycles within the same time frame, without causing any delay in the overall layout scheme.

This will secure the estimated time frame and deliver a well designed & analyzed board for a  first time right product.
This and our effective way of working will result in shorter PCB cycle times.
By applying this approach, the total amount of time that required to finalize the board will be shortened .

Experienced knowledge in multi-discipline projects, used to work on high pressure projects.

PCB Technology background and IPC certified to secure our knowledge from the PCB process.
Various partners in the PCB production area to support us defining the right starting point, which will result a a better end product for better cost and lower problems afterwards.

Experiecend with the main PCB design tools, from low to high end. But also on DFM tooling and other PCB related software.

With these knowledge we can help improve PCB processes, coach and train people
within the PCB flow.
Our vision about PCB design is not a tooling oriented only, so we not committed to one software flow and or one supplier.

Our way of thinking, is to get the best possible solution for the customer.
Based on there needs only.

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