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To get closer connection to PCB product cycle and the complete flow we develop PCB related product to support our customers and at the same time get involved from the needs in the market.

We developed a Gerber viewer based on inputs from PCB designer needs; Viewplot 1.5.
Which result in a straight forward user interface and functionality which is really useful for reviewing and comparing data.
Create high quality PDF outputs, Compare layers and edit the Gerber data.

Our latest development is Viewplot 2.0
It is still in beta phase, but can be downloaded from the download site.
This version has improved edit functionality to create your custom stencil data, import DXF, Bitmap etc.
The main difference is the introduction of ODB++ format, both for input as also output.
In viewer mode you can drag and drop ODB++ container to open it, select on Nets, highlight Nets, report Net data.
With this reviewing data will even more optimized for Designers.
All the main functions are collected closely together so you can start using it within minutes.

The main focus for our software is, that we try to implement as much as possible the users needs, so please give us your feedback.

The Viewer is completely Free of charge and can be used for all supported formats.

See our Viewplot website for more detailed information.