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Library work is the most critical & time consuming task in the layout chain, most of the work should follow the company rules to secure a stable & easy-to-maintain Library.

To minimize the overhead and to guarantee that all items are created according your library specification.
We offer a the service to create parts according your Library Specification.
For Mentor Graphics Board Station, Mentor Expedition and Altium Designer tooling.

We can provide you with footprints based on the IPC-7351 or your own specification. Schematic symbols and complete part structure.

Besides the actual physical parts, we can help you to define a library structure which will fit to your company needs.
Based on a custom made library specification which will define the process and guidelines to stream line the process steps.

On Altium we can support you to define the best practice library structure for your company, Including the database oriented library structure including 3D models


Library services