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PentaLogix LLC is a company founded in 2002 by former employees of Lavenir Technology. and dedicated to developing world class CAM and Test software.

The relation between PentaLogix and Roneda is based on the same ideology about serving customers.
Pentalogix saying: Listen first, then innovate, support and train. The results of this premise have been a continued evolution of technologically advanced, yet affordable solutions to the PCB designers and manufacturers.
Pentalogix deliver a wide range of CAM tooling for affordable price, good quality and not in the last good after sales support.
Below some of the Pentalogix products, Please contact us if your interested or want to compare some of the tooling cost with your current flow.

Roneda is reseller from Pentalogix in the Benelux.
Best Value
Free Download!
Powerful Gerber viewer (view only)
Full layer by layer design visibility
Quote and Order PCBs instantly!
Gerber editing workhorse
Fix manufacturing issues easily
Save and Export Gerber capability
Quote and Order PCBs instantly
for Designers and Engineers!
Advanced design features at your
fingertips with CAMMaster Designer.
Packed with Power User features
Smart DFM makes CAM setup
Fix, Save, Quote and Order PCBs instantly.
CAMMaster, the premier product for the most demanding jobs. Scripting features to automate your routine jobs, improve accuracy and yields to get the work done faster.
Smart DFM Technology
Affordable price
Good after sales support
For questions about Pentalogix please contact us
Pentalogix products